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Hear from Satisfied Customers

  • "Awesome Vitamin C Serum, I was a bit skeptical before buying this due to no reviews but it’s pretty good, we love the orange smell and also the feel it gave my dull skin. It’s given my face a beautiful glow and reduced the blemishes. The packaging is also very nice with a lovely little amber glass bottle. Despite the short time of use the product seems to have good quality and an excellent quality serum that’s not fattening to the skin. It’s really good quality for the price."

    - Francisco Ochoa

  • "Love the feel of this product, I love this! All you need is a drop, literally ONE large drop!
    Smooth it over your face and neck and it will absorb, hydrate, you won’t even feel it is there, but hours later you’ll still have soft skin!!!
    Great to put on right before bed all by itself and wake up with brighter and more vibrant color! A really beneficial addition to any skincare routine. Like this product a lot and greatly recommend."

    - Beatriz Gallego Márquez

  • "I just began using it so I can't say whether or not it works. It does feel and smell good though."

    - Jessica Newsome

  • This cream is a game changer in my skin care routine. I bought it on a friend's recommendation and it has done wonders to my skin. It has made my skin glow, hydrated and plump. Excellent choice for oily and acne prone skin, it is helping me reduce my acne scars!!! and I have less breakouts since I started using this. It didn’t cause any tingling or discoloration.

    - Vic

  • Used after washing my face and before putting on foundation. Absorbs into skin wonderfully. Not irritating. Great sweet orange scent.

    - R

  • I have used it for 4 days and it seems a little sticky to me. Smell is great. I think I need to use it more to see if I like it.

    - Michelle J.

  • Muy bien producto, humedad bastante bien y deja mi piel suave

    - Ana Abreu

  • Love this product

    - Harmony Renee

  • This is my first time using a vitamin c serum. I typically use a light moisturizer at night but I have heard that vitamin C serums are great for fighting fine lines snd dark spots. So I started using this serum a week ago and so far the results are promising. I do have sensitive skin so I’m glad that I’ve not had any reaction. The serum is light and translucent. It smells like oranges and feels at little thicker than orange juice honestly. So you will smell citrusy at night , which is ok. It disappears into your skin and when you wash it in the morning it will feel fresh and there is a little shine too that I have noticed. So far my dark spots and sun blemishes are still there, which I’m hoping will fade away. I’m hopeful and encouraged by the results. Try it out!!

    - Vanna

  • So many face serums are expensive and I was glad I tried this affordable blue vitamin C serum. It has really nice, fresh, natural ingredients and I love the scent too - it smells really citrusy and not ugly perfume smelling. I use this under my face cream and it feels like it protects and nourishes my skin really well.
    It comes in a glass pump bottle (not plastic > yeah!!!). I am really happy with the price tag for a product that works so well and has such good ingredients. I like it!!!

    - Caliaha

  • So far so good. Good hydration and doesn’t leave the skin sticky. I use it as night because it is oil based and it gives it time to absorb in the skin I would like to try other products by this brand

    - Tamara Dail

  • This citrus stem cell facial serum arrives safety-sealed in a nicely made pump. I adore the fragrance of this tropical delight and it makes me think of citrus pineapple mouse delight. It absorbs well and is soothing, brightening, and anti-aging to my skin. I can't wait to use it every day.

    - Darlaina Dancer