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Lip Plumper

The Peppermint Plumping Lip Complex boosts lip volume, reducing fine lines and hydrating to create smoother, fuller lips. Lip shape, moisture levels, and fine lines are visibly improved with prolonged use, and collagen production is boosted for a more youthful appearance.


Apply to lips at least twice daily for increased smoothing, plumping, and hydration.


Peppermint oil gives lips increased stimulation and circulation, working in conjunction with hyaluronic acid-boosting peptides to increase firmness and volume of lips. When applied twice daily over a period of 28 days, hyaluronic acid is increased by 101 percent, resulting in lips that are visibly fuller and smoother. Hydration is increased and fine lines are reduced.


A tripeptide developed as a safe alternative to collagen injections that boosts hyaluronic acid and collagen to effectively diminish fine lines and wrinkles on the lips.


A hydrating lip complex derived from the Portulaca pilosa plant that plumps and smooths lips with natural phytochemicals and peptides.


A stable carrier base for topical skin applications that contains 94% natural ingredients and provides a stable emulsion for delivery of the lip-volumizing formulations in the Peppermint Plumping Lip Complex.

5ml, 0.17oz


-Daytime Ageless Moisturizer
-Vitamin C Uplifting Serum
-Ageless Eye Revitalizer


For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Not for use around the eye area. If eye contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water. If signs of irritation or rash occur, stop the use of the product and contact your physician.

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